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Chillies Tandoor & Grill Company offers the best in Northern Indian cuisine, conveniently located near Ottawa hotels, Ottawa International Airport, and the downtown business district.

“Nirvana” means the ultimate. The absolute. The highest state. Present always and everywhere, this sublime condition lies asleep in our souls, a potential waiting to be realized at the end of an arduous search.

The search ends here, at Chillies Tandoor & Grill Company.

In India cooking is an art handed down from generation to generation. Northern India is the home of Tandoori dishes, where marinated meat and seafood are cooked in clay ovens called “tandoor”, which are positioned over charcoal or wood burning fires. Fragrant long grain basmati rice, grown in the Himalayas, forms the basis of our “Pullao” and “Biryanis”. The bhajis and pakoras make a perfect finger food to serve with drinks.

A complete meal in an Indian setting like Nirvana, would consist of a meat dish, vegetable dish, a pulse dish, a chutney for accompaniment and in the south, a large bowl of steaming rice or in the North, freshly baked bread.
Creamy Indian Ice-cream (Kulfi) or rice pudding or sweets dipped in honey may be served as a dessert. For a really authentic touch, ‘Lassi’, the deliciously cooling lightly spiced Indian yogurt drink or sharbat (extract of herbs) could be ordered. For a final aromatic bliss and antioxidant power, a cup of our cinnamon and clove infused chai or Darjeeling tea will enhance the spirits.

Chillies Tandoor & Grill Company is the only restaurant in Ottawa that captures the authentic flavour of traditional Indian Cuisine. Let us elevate you to the highest state of dining pleasure.
Chillies Tandoor & Grill Company! When the food touches your lips, it transforms your soul and gives Eternal Bliss!

2675 Alta Vista Dr,
Ottawa, ON
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Tuesday-Friday: noon-10pm
but closed 3-5pm
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